Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is simply a way of brewing coffee without hot water.  It takes some time but there are several benefits.  Now understand,  just because you cold brew coffee doesn’t mean you can’t serve it hot – we’re just talking about the actual brewing process.

coldbrewpicThe process of cold-brewing has been around a long time.  Some folks call it “Toddy Cold Brew” and there are gizmos out there that you can buy or you can go the simple route and just use a couple of mason jars and a cheese cloth.  The actual amount of ‘hands-on’ work is no more than 5 to 10 minutes.

So why would I want a cold brew coffee?

  • Well for one it’s less acidic.  For people that love their coffee but the Doc has them laying off because of the acidity in coffee, switching to cold brew is the way to go. In fact, cold-brew coffees can be 60-70% less acidic than hot brews.
  • Cold-brewed coffee has a longer shelf life – up to two weeks.
  • Cold-brewed coffee is more concentrated.  Not quite espresso level but about a 2:1 ratio versus hot brew methods so you can pour a half a cup and add hot water or microwave for a quick Cup o’ Joe.
  • Your flavored coffees (spiced, chocolates, etc) and fruity-acidic coffees do well because the flavor is preserved while leaving the bitterness and acidity behind.

What can you do with cold-brewed coffee?  Practically anything.  You can:

  • Dilute, heat and drink
  • Breakfast shakes (without having to use a ton of ice)
  • Coffee ice cubes (cool down your hot coffee without watering it down)
  • Cook (marinate meats, inject it into the Thanksgiving Turkey, reduce with wines or rum for some sauces)
  • Homemade Frappucino’s that don’t cost nearly $5
  • Expresso style Martini’s

So how do I make this cold-brew coffee?  It’s easy.  Watch our video below for a step-by-step on how to cold-brew your coffee.

  • You’ll just need a couple mason jars,
  • A cheese cloth or French Press,
  • Fresh whole bean coffee
  • A coffee grinder (you don’t want the fine ground stale coffee you get on the shelf in the grocery store – you need it a little more coarse so the grind filters)
  • Water and a fridge

Enjoy and if you come up with new ideas for your cold-brew, share them with the Republic!

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